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 The core values of Tzaiyuan company is -- We consistently committed to achieving the promise to the customer, we trust everyone of our employees. Our outstanding credit in virtue of the professional quality, personal integrity of each staff and our business partners supportive. We rely on the same core values and ideal for our constant business.
 Company’s Sustainable development, efficiency and prosperity can be inextricably linked with staff, Thereby enabling each company's decision and business ethics and codes of conduct consistent. The business ethics has become an integral part of our daily work of the code of conduct, also is the business ethics which Tzaiyuan is seeking for.

 We treated customers, employees, business partners and shareholders fair. We handle our business under the local law. We have established a high degree of business integrity and ethical standards, and though it to increase personal responsibility so ensure that those standards are being met.

Professional Quality
 We consistently strive to provide high-quality, reliable and secure products, systems and services. We firmly believe that the quality of work and technology progress is our system development, production, installation, and the basic principles of service
We adhere to the "customer first" purposes, always strive to fulfill our commitment.
We adopted innovative thinking, new ideas and practical solutions to establish our technological advantages, through the implementation of technical leadership to expand project market. We also encourage and reward employees in the process of innovation, and flexibility to improve efficiency.

 Our customers and suppliers are always work together with us to provide the high efficient system solution, because we focus on the result of the commercial conduction, in a complex business environment, teamwork is the common goal completed the best way.

Health and safety

 We are committed to enhance staff safety at work, to ensure that all commercial activities in the non-accident casualties occurred. Our efforts toward the following objectives: to follow safety guidelines to encourage employees responsible for their own acts, and to ensure that all organizations and individuals to understand the company expectations.

Confidential Information
 We protect customers, employees, business partners, as well as other staff member's personal secret information which are not disclosured.

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